Affiliate Program – Terms of Use

Affiliate Program Terms

We reserve the right to terminate an affiliate relationships at any time.

Approved affiliates will earn 20% on all successful referrals. The affiliate will continue to earn 20% of renewal payments.

Affiliate commissions are paid out at the beginning  of each month. Referrals must past a 30 day processing  period. Specific payout date varies from the 1st to the 15th of the month.

All affiliate commissions are paid via USD through PayPal.

Purchasing through your own referral account is not permitted.

Cookies are valid for 30 days. 

Once a visitor has been cookied, their cookie will not be replaced by other referring affiliates until after the 30 day period.

Regardless of native country, if an affiliate generates more than 600 USD annualy in commissions they will be required to  fill out a w-9 form to continue receiving payments. Non US citizens are not be obligated to report income to the US government, but we still will require a entity registration record and choose the w-9 form to serve the purpouse.

There are no minimum payout  constraints on affiliate payouts.

Paid ad campaigns must be pre-approved.