Author Program

Welcome writers! We’re glad you came!

Topics we’re looking for:

Our website provides an opportunity for publishing any content related to:

  • Examples of TweetBoostPRO use: Video reviews, written reviews, special use cases.
  • Listicles that include TweetBoostPRO
  • Any content that inspires people to develop a social presence strategy.
  • Content that uses real data to show how social engagement improves traffic/conversion.
  • Social experiment case studies.

Accepting a submission.

Once an article is accepted you’ll be on-boarding through a series of emails explaining how to proceed as a WordPress guest author. After your first article, you can use this system to submit additional works for review if you like. 

Declining a submission.

We really like reading submissions, but often submissions aren’t a good fit and it could be for a variety of reasons instead of just one. Because turning down an article is a difficult no matter what the reason is we’ve made it so that if we do not respond to a submission within in 72 hours  then it’s automatically declined.

Obtaining a copy of TweetBoostPRO for review

If you would like to write plugin specific tutorials based on your personal use, or plan to provide an in depth video review, please submit your idea to us as an article and we can discuss a work exchange.

Helpful tips when writing:

  • The average reader only spends 2-3 minutes reading an articles.