Pro Tip: How to create content-detached social campaigns

Post written by Hudson Atwell
On Thursday, November 1st, 2018


Hallo reader!  Quickly, if you are hearing about our tool, TweetBoostPRO, for the first time then please consider also reading our article on why it’s good to tweet multiple times and how you’re missing out on vital traffic if you do not For everyone else, let’s go ahead and begin the tutorial!

When do we need private campaigns?

Not all social campaigns created through TweetBoostPRO will be directly related to front-facing content on your Website.  Some social campaigns will come directly from your imagination and you’ll need a place to create and manage them and setup your tweets.

For example, take these concepts:

  1. Guest Author program announcements
  2. Affiliate program announcements
  3. Seasonal discount program announcements

We’ll most likely want to create several tweets for each one of these programs. To take our example to the next level, let’s go ahead and imagine what 3 tweets for each program might look like:

Guest Program:

Would you like to write for TweetBoostPRO? Consider joining our Guest Author program!

Are you a product developer looking to build backlinks and turn traffic to your offering? Consider writing a guest article for our site!

Did you know that guest authors for our site get paid in commission?  If you write selling content better than us, you could use our platform to earn your share!

Affiliate Program:

Earn 30% commission for every sale you generate sending traffic to TweetBoostPRO.

Have an email list? Consider letting your readers know about our awesome tool and earn commissions.

Did you know we have an Affiliate Program? Check us out here:

Seasonal Program:

Merry Christmas! We’ve a season offer ready for you to take advantage of here!

Happy New Years! Here’s a $5.00 discount!

It’s Cyber Monday! Get 50% off!

With TweetBoostPRO we can set these campaigns up (with distinction) by leveraging private WordPress pages.

Leveraging private pages for private campaigns

Step 1: Create a private page that will act as a parent category

Create a new WordPress page title 'Tweet Campaigns' and set it's post status to private.

Step 2: Create additional private pages as placeholders for your campaign

The next thing you are going to want to do is create a additional private pages for each campaign you would like to create, while setting their page parent to 'Tweet Campaigns'.

Here's an example of the private pages we created to host our program campaigns. 
None of these private pages are accessible from the public side of the websites.
Inside these new private pages you can leverage the Tweet Schedule metabox to add tweets to a campaign. You can even even set these campaigns up with repeating schedules. The tweets you add here will work the same for your private pages as they do for your a public facing ones.

Step 3: Review your Dashboard to see your campaigns are active

These campaigns will be added to the master campaign list found on your dashboard:


If you follow our example above you should be creating your own private Twitter campaigns using TweetBoostPRO in no time at all!

In the future we might create a custom extension to make this process easier, but if you are daring now and have a little PHP know-how, you could create your own custom post type and then integrate the custom post type with TweetBoostPRO. This alternative approach would yeild an even more organized private campaign management experience!

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Hudson Atwell

Hudson Atwell has 10 years experience in WordPress product development and is a founding member of TweetBoostPRO, as well as the Inbound PRO plugin suite. You can check out his work on out on GitHub, and, and Twitter

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