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How to connect Twitter accounts to TweetBoostPro WordPress Plugin

Part 1 – Create a Twitter Application

In order to connect WordPress & TweetBoostPro to your Twitter account you’ll need to have or apply for a Twitter Developer Account.

We’ve written an article on Our Twitter Developer Application Experience that may help you with your own application process. It took us about 20 days from application.  As of 2018 Twitter’s approval process is still considered young. By the time you are reading this it’s possible turnaround rectimes have already improved.

After approval, please head to https://developer.twitter.com/en/apps/create to begin creating your application.

Twitter will then ask for a few details about your application including:

  • App name
  • Application description
  • Website URL
  • Enable Sign in with Twitter
  • Callback URLs
  • Terms of Service URL
  • Privacy Policy URL
  • Organization Name
  • Organization website URL
  • Tell us how this app will be used

Most of these inputs are required, but some are optional. For the purpose of this walk-through we’ll go over each input together.

App name

This is an administrative name. Choose one that will help you identify it later. Usually the name of your Twitter handle is sufficient.

Application description

In this input we’ll declare a general description of how our application will be used.

Website URL

The next input requests your website URL. In this box place your WordPress site URL.

Enable Sign in with Twitter

For our application, currently, we will not need to enabled this as we will not be using Oauth for authentication.

Callback URLs

If we were using Oauth we would add our callback URLs here. We are not using Oauth so we will not need to add anything here.

Terms of Service, Privacy Policy URL

These two inputs are required. If you do not have a Terms of Service or a Privacy Policy page, please consider using GetTerms.io to generate your TOS and Privacy Policy. After building your pages (or finding your links), paste them into the application.

Organization Name

Using the name of your LLC or company brand name should be sufficient.

Organization Website URL

This input is also optional. We left ours blank.

Tell us how this app will be used

This information is for Twitter staff to read. Please be descriptive.

After inputting all fields go ahead and press create.

You should see something like this on your next screen:


You just created your first Twitter Application!

You are halfway there!

Part 2: Obtaining your Keys and Tokens

Now that your application has been create you’ll need to head over into the Keys and tokens tab of your application:

Write down consumer keys

Write down your Consumer API Keys. You will be using these to connect TweetBoostPro to your Twitter account.

Generate and write down access tokens

Next find the section titled Access token & access token secret and click Create  to generate an access token and token secret.

Copy these down.

They’ll be required for TweetBoostPro.

Here’s a screenshot of the access tokens we generated.

(note to reader: the example consumer keys and access tokens in the screenshot(s) above are for demo only and have since been regenerated.)

Part 3: Connecting TweetBoostPro to your Twitter Account

Now that you have our consumer keys and access keys you can finally connect your WordPress site to your Twitter account. Let’s go ahead and load up TweetBoostPro inside of WordPress and navigate to the Twitter Accounts tab and click the Add Account button. After clicking you should see something close to this:

Now we are nearly complete. Go grab the consumer and access keys you copied earlier and paste them into their appropriate input areas.

Be sure to define your Twitter username as well. After completing all inputs, save, and the next page should looks something like this:

And that’s it!

If all has  worked in your favor then TweetBoostPro should now be successfully connected to your Twitter account.

If you enjoyed this tutorial then please consider reading our next article detailing how we use TweetBoostPro to create a simple novelty Twitter bot.

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