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Dashboard Widgets

TweetBoostPRO includes the following very helpful dashboard widgets:

  1. Calendar App Widget
  2. Action Log
  3. Campaign Management



With the calendar widget you can visualize entire publishing schedules for every connected account for multiple months into the future:


Toggle accounts on/off to reveal or hide their respective scheduled tweets:
Zoom in on days to quickly peak at their content or manage their parent campaign:
When viewing your schedule, check the heat index of days to determine which days are crowded and which days are open for more content:
This widget is also present in the post edit screen for quick reference while creating tweets:



Click the Twitter icon to view published tweets:
Animation of clicking the tweet icon in the action log widget
Quickly navigate to the tweet's campaign setup page by clicking the campaign setup icon.
If you are logged into your Twitter account you can use the stats button to launch in depth tweet states provided by Twitter!


Campaign Management Widget

From the campaign management widget we can see all of our active Twitter campaigns. We can pause them if they are running, play them after paused, and view details about the status of the schedule if the campaign has completed. 

This widget also allows us to quickly open the parent content pages where we setup our tweets. 

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