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Post written by Hudson Atwell
On Wednesday, October 17th, 2018
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TweetBoostPRO is a most excellent solution for crafting and scheduling tweets related to your WordPress content.

It does not do your content justice to let one tweet go out immediately and then stop. Your most important content is created for repeat views so just one announcement on a high-speed timeline-based platform simply does not make sense.

In this article we’ll make the case that tweeting and then tweeting again, and again, and possibly again and again, is not only a good strategy, but also that if you don’t  your content will face extraordinary, measurable,  opportunity loss.

Case Studies: What’s available to read?

You may be wondering what are good case studies that support tweeting multiple times… We’ve taken to the online streets  and have found a few  articles written by other channels that we think you may should read before continuing. And then afterwards we’ll do a looking case study ourselves.

Big Outfits: What are they doing?

If you visit Twitter regularly you may notice that big media outlets like @Mashable and @Medium  are publishing their content more than 3 times, spanning exposure over days, sometimes even weeks and months. Here below we can take a look at just one of the articles @Mashable has published. I kept the example down to 3, but if you run a search you might find that they’ve tweeted the same topic even more than 3 times:

A quick look at @Mashable’s likes, comments, and retweets will reveal the benefits of their republishing strategy.

The opportunity cost is measurable.  We can see that with only two subsequent tweets a Mashable article received an additional 2000 likes,  1200 comments, and 1300 retweets.

Amazing. The data reflects well on the practice and Mashable has made a great choice, or rather put, Mashable enacted a very effective strategy by re-publishing content  to Twitter. They are using the exact same strategy we developed our tool TweetBoostPRO to help WordPress administrators with.

Taking an honest look at ourselves

Let’s be honest. We work hard to create great content and there’s no guarantee our niche products, niche programs, and niche promotions will go viral. They’re niche…  Most likely the majority of tweets we create will not go viral, or come even close. It’s okay. Just because a tweet does not get thousands of likes and retweets,  gentle exposure to 20-1000 people still holds great value and potential for generating awareness.

We consider it a good day here to have more than 3 likes on a piece of social content. To us, all exposure is precious exposure.

When we publish once -only it’s like we are sending our announcements directly into quicksand. 

Enter: Content Mario

Picture this: The lifespan of a content is like the course Mario must navigate to ultimately win the game.

Mario himself represents the efforts a content promoter must make to keep their content relevant.

Twitter, in this metaphor, represents the quicksand of opportunity loss. A leap alone will get you onto the surface, but if you notice, this surface sinks. It’s in it’s nature.

In order to get keep Mario from sinking you have to keep his head above the surface by continuously jumping.

Each jump you put into Content Mario represents a new tweet you put into an ever sinking timeline. You must gracefully leap and frolic (publish new tweets with style & variation) in order to keep Content Mario’s head above the sand (stay in exposure) and on course (garnering traffic).

If we were to decode this pictorial image into crude English it might read: “Stay in exposure to generate traffic by publishing, and then republishing tweets while using Twitter. And do it in style.”

When it comes to opportunity loss, whether you like it or not, you’re in the game, and it’s time to be more like Content Mario if you want to win.

In the next part of this tutorial we’ll exit philosophy and enter application where we’ll begin to show you , both in video & written format, how we easily and quickly create tweet variations for our content without ever having to leave the content edit screen using TweetBoostPRO.

TweetBoostPRO – Adding Tweets to WordPress Content

Don’t have time to watch the video? Just follow the steps below!

STEP 1: Activate TweetBoostPRO!

Make sure TweetBoostPRO is activated & setup!

For help with setup please see: How to connect Twitter Accounts to TweetBoostPRO.

STEP 2: Edit a post/page that needs multiple tweets scheduled.

Hey Look! We're editing this page in the screenshot ????????????

STEP 3: Check your calendar, start adding tweets!

The Calendar widget will show you your accounts' scheduled tweets. It's good to reference when creating new tweets!

We've added 4 tweets to this article representing 4 months of tweets. The screenshot (above) shows the first 3 we added.

Each tweet includes a token {post-link} that will convert to this page's URL when the tweet is published to Twitter

For each tweet we're adding different hashtags to increase & vary our exposure. This technique can lead to learning valuable information about hashtags, and also gives your campaign variety. 

If you look to the left of each tweet you will notice the datetime input where we are pacing tweets one month a part and varying the times of day from AM to PM. This also can lead to valuable data discovery to use when crafting your future campaigns. 

As we keep adding content to this site, we'll consider decreasing times between tweets. 

I also like to leave a little room for manual activity. Every outfit is different, but I like to think automation supplements manual engagement, but doesn't replace it entirely.

STEP 4: Check the WordPress Dashboard for Oversight

Right now TweetBoostPRO is only a few months old. When we look at our dashboard widgets above we'll notice we don't have many campaigns setup. Still our day squares are already beginning to fill! 

From this oversight point of view we can see all our content campaigns, quickly launch their edit screens, peek at their progress, and do so much more. 
The calendar widget provides in depth overview for all your connected accounts. The campaign management section helps admins perform actions and view details of campaigns quickly.  

The action log widget will help you keep track of publishing events, notify you of errors (if there are any) and display embedded versions of published tweet (Embeds have a lot of information such as like counts and reply counts). 

Wrapping up this article, are you still on the fence about TweetBoost? 

If you are still on the fence about this plugin I would ask you to think about what you will miss out if you do not have a Twitter marketing strategy for your website.

I also ask you to take a look at what tool are you currently using.  Does it measure to the boasted feature set of TweetBoostPRO?  

Why not use a 3rd party software service? 

If you are choosing between a SAAS (Software as a service) and our powerful plugin,  then we ask you compare the price savings we offer, to others and see if the savings are worth it to you.  And at the end of the day, do not to discount that SASS services often require you to exit the site in order to manage your campaigns while we developed TweetBoostPRO to be custom tailored to the CMS we all spend the most time in, WordPress.  And that has great advantage.

You are so close to knowing everything about TweetBoostPRO now!

Only one thing left to do…

and then…


Hudson Atwell

Hudson Atwell has 10 years experience in WordPress product development and is a founding member of TweetBoostPRO, as well as the Inbound PRO plugin suite. You can check out his work on out on GitHub, and, and Twitter