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How to extend TweetBoost to Custom Post Types

As of 9/24/2018 TweetBoostPRO is automatically initiated on the Post and Page post types for WordPress.

In the near future we hope to auto-detect custom post types and offer setting toggles where the user can easily enable/disable integration with post types.

For now we have  a PHP filter that will allow us manually extend TweetBoostPRO to custom post types.

PHP Filter:


Example usage :

/* Extends TweetBoostPRO to  hypothetical custom post type named 'landing-page' */
add_filter('tweet-boost-pro/registered-post-types' , 'extend_tweetboost_posttypes' , 10 , 1 );

function extend_tweetboost_posttypes( $post_types_array ) {
    $post_types_array[] = 'landing-page';
    return $post_types_array;