How to build a Twitter Bot using WordPress & TweetBoostPro

Post written by Hudson Atwell
On Wednesday, September 12th, 2018


In this tutorial I’m going to show you how I used the  TweetBoostPro WordPress plugin to easily build and maintain an automated Twitter publishing bot.

In order to to get started we’re going to need a few things:

  • A bot concept
  • A new Twitter account connected to a mobile phone.
  • An active TweetBoostPro license.
  • An upfront supply of content

The Bot Concept

TweetBoostPro is a scheduling tool that can help us craft and schedule tweets across a calendar and even repeat the elaborate schedules we create in a cyclical fashion. So for this novelty bot we’re going to keep it simple and just have our account post memes and artwork related to a theme.

And I’ve chosen the theme…

Rock Lee… Kohana Ninja of the Hidden Leaf… Genius at hard work

For those of you who are not familiar with Rock Lee (which I assume will be a few); Rock Lee is a fictional character from the hit series Naruto who was born into a world of elite Ninja clansman with special abilities called Ninjutsu.  Unfortunately Rock Lee was not able to perform Ninjutsu which set him behind his colleagues. Despite this handicap Rock Lee showed an indomitable spirit issuing out loud (on several occasions) that he would become equal to his colleagues though hard work.

I get choked up just thinking of it. Rock Lee’s an incredibly powerful symbol and the perfect focus for this novelty project.

What I will be doing with this Twitter account is posting inspiration memes I’ve found related to anime character Rock Lee. I’ll also search the popular fan art site Deviant Art for great fan homages, and will be sharing their work with credit.

Before I go on though I’d like to take a moment to point your towards Twitter’s Automation Rules. Be sure to study them before moving forward with your project! TweetBoostPro is powerful, but that power and it’s responsibility rests in your hands.

Securing our Twitter Account

I registered the handle @rockleequotes and added the account to my phone to make sure Twitter knows a real person is behind it.

Adding the account to my phone also allows me to use the Twitter API, which is required for hands off posting.

If you currently do not have a phone, consider creating a Google Voice. They will give you a text-message ready phone number that will help you verify your Twitter mobile.

I also want to make sure I add a profile photo to my Twitter account and maybe some cover art too:

Securing our Twitter Developer Account.

Twitter gates access to their API. When applying access for your Twitter API usage rights, let Twitter know that you are wanting to connect your Twitter Account up to your WordPress site:

Twitter team is doing the best they can to approve developer accounts and prevent spam/junk accounts. For more information about time delays in having your account accepted see this official resource. Sometimes developer accounts do get rejected and can be appealed.

Be honest in your application.  Use a template much like the one below. You might also be interested in reading our journal entry that details our own experience when applying for a developer account.

Dear Support, 

We would like to connect our Twitter account @myaccount to our WordPress website. 

We'll be using a WordPress Plugin as a scheduling tool to help us manage our content's social outreach. We have no intention of using the API for likes, direct messaging, follows, or unfollows; we will only be using the API to publish tweets related to our WordPress content. 

We have studied and plan to use our granted API keys in a way that's compliant with Twitters automation policy located here:

Hoping for the best and we're happy to answer any additional questions that might expedite the approval process. 
Best Regards,
Your Name, Your Title.

Once your account is approved you can begin setting up your application keys.

Creating the Bot

Assuming there were no hiccups with account creation we can now begin to add our Twitter account to our WordPress instance through TweetBoostPro. To do this we are going to need to have our API access keys ready as we mentioned in the section above.

Adding Twitter Account to TweetBoostPro

For detailed instruction on how to get your account added see our documentation guide. For this example we’ll just show you where we added our developer account keys:

If TweetBoostPro accepts our API credentials we can immediately head into a new WordPress post and create our twitter bot.

Setting up our Tweets – intro

With TweetBoostPro we create our Tweets directly in the area where we edit our content, the blog post (It also works with the page post type and can be extended to any custom post type).  Here’s a screenshot of the edit page of this particular blog post:

We’re going to use this post to manage ALL of our tweets for @RockLeeQuotes.

Setting up our Tweets – Adding the first three tweets

It’s time to setup our content!

Lets get those meme’s ready because we are about to get them into the system!

In the screenshot below you will see where I have used TweetBoostPro to schedule my first 3 tweets. I set them to publish on October 1st at the times 3am, 11am, and 9pm  Central Standard Time. Depending on the amount of content I have I could easily change this to post with 1 day, or even one week apart.


Setting up our Tweets – Adding even more content. 

Now that those tweets are in there, our schedule is live. Behind the scenes I’m going to try and add up to one month’s worth of content keeping it to one tweet a day.  Depending on how well this account is received (there are a lot of Naruto fans out there) I’ll keep adding in content.

I may even allow others to send in their submissions! We’ll be keeping track of everything here.

Managing the Schedule

TweetBoostPro provides a scheduling calendar to help visualize all scheduled tweets.

Once we’ve scheduled our tweets we’re going to want a way to overview our schedule. TweetBoostPro is great in the fact that it has it’s own calendar widget that displays all scheduled Tweets for an account. This calendar app is available in miniature format on the post edit page, as well as on the main wp-admin dashboard:


We’ll publish some of our tweets below.  And that’s pretty much it. You’ve stayed with us from beginning to end and now know everything!

Let’s give a hand to TweetBoostPro for being an awesome piece of equipment. We hope this helps you with your social marketing/content-creation needs and hope others find this tutorial helpful.

Hudson Atwell

Hudson Atwell has 10 years experience in WordPress product development and is a founding member of TweetBoostPRO, as well as the Inbound PRO plugin suite. You can check out his work on out on GitHub, and, and Twitter

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